Live Demo System

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Below is a small, live system with 7 Canadian Solar panels with a total system size of 1.84KW.  4 APSystem YC500A micro-inverters are used to convert the DC power of 2 panels each to AC directly on the roof. The micro-inverters communicate with a communication unit (ECU) directly through the electrical wiring. The homeowner's objective was primarily to match and offset all her air conditioning load which was being charged in the summer months at BC Hydro's tier 2 rate (in 2016 at 12.43¢/kWh).

APS Micro-inverter
View of racking and micro-inverters before the panels are on.

Demo Solar Unit Vernon BC 3
Flush mount with Kinetic Racking

CanadianSolar Panels Demo Vernon BC
Panels from above with mid-clamps

Demo Solar Unit Vernon BC
7 panels in series

Note: This data is real-time from the home-owner's site, so give it a second or two to load...

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