What is a “Grid Tie” solar system?

A Grid Tie (or Grid Connected) system is what we recommend for our customers who are already receiving electricity supply from their local utility like BC Hydro or Fortis BC. For times when your solar system is not producing enough to meet your needs, you use electricity from the grid.  When you are producing too much, it also allows you to export excess electricity to the grid and get paid for it.

We’ve simplified the way these systems operate below:

1 – The solar panels capture the sun’s energy.  We only use panels that can a real beating in gale force winds and heavy snow loads.
2 – The inverter takes direct current (DC) produced by the panel and converts it to an alternating current (AC).  Many of the inverters we offer additionally provide sophisticated monitoring of your power on your computer and smartphone. AC/DC fans rejoice!
3 – Your home is now powered by the most liberating and abundant energy source of all – the sun!
4 – In most jurisdictions, any excess energy produced can be sent through your electricity meter back to the Utility’s grid and be paid back to you*.


* Both BC Hydro and Fortis BC offer a net metering program.  Click for more details.