How much do solar panels cost in BC?

The cost of a fully installed solar photovoltaic system varies based on a number of site conditions, including:

  • The ease of running the electrical wiring from the solar array to your electrical panel
  • The type of roofing material used (asphalt shingles and metal roofs are easier than clay tiles for example)
  • The pitch of your roof (flat roofs and low sloped roofs are easier to work with)
  • Any special permitting that your local jurisdiction might require for solar PV installations
  • The size of the system being installed (as some of the costs such as the permitting and running of electrical wire to your electrical panel are virtually the same for 1 solar module or 30 solar modules, the cost per installed solar module decreases as the number of modules increases)

As such, the best way to understand the cost and benefits for you is to request a free estimate!  We have provided some reference price points however on our products page to provide some ballpark figures for solar PV installations within the Okanagan.