Should I install solar on my roof or on the ground?

The method of mounting – whether to install solar panels on your roof or through a ground mount solution is both personal preference and characteristics of your land and building.

If your property isn’t ideal for rooftop solar, but you have a large enough property, a ground mount system is a great choice.  Ground mounted solar panels can be located wherever the conditions are best and thereby can be more productive per module than a rooftop solar array,  saving you more money in the long term.  On the flip-side, ground mount systems require a foundation to be built and trenching to occur and thereby typically are 15-25% more expensive than a comparably sized roof mount.

Where the roof is naturally orientated to maximize sun exposure with minimal shading throughout the day, roof mounting is normally a better, more economical option.

Roost Solar will help you determine the best method and location of mounting upfront in the design phase.