Extremely knowledegable and creative

…excellent to work with from start to finish. Throughout the entire process they took time with me to fully understand the project, the costs and work through different options. I found them to be extremely knowledgeable and even creative of where we could put the system as my house roof was not suitable.

Just as important, others told me to calculate production of the units at 80% of what I was quoted. I am actually getting 110% of what Roost proposed to me. Its a true sign of their honesty and managing customers expectations. This is rare. In addition, they knew we were trying to manage project costs and throughout the entire process I could see how they were working with us to keep costs appropriate. I was thoroughly impressed.

I will refer and recommend Roost to anyone I talk to as i could not imagine doing this project with a better experience.

If you are considering a Solar system, make sure you reach out to Roost for a proposal and give serious consideration to working with them. Although their costs might be higher than others trying to get into the industry, it is a cost that is well spent and worth every bit of it. Well done to the entire Roost team and a tremendous thank you from me and my family.”

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