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At Roost Solar, we take the guessing and hardwork out of your solar project. We take care of the permitting, net-metering application, full installation and everything else needed to get you up and running. All you need to do is evaluate and then enjoy the control you now have over your power bills.



It all starts with a preliminary assessment of your situation to understand if our solar solutions are right for you. Give us a call or fill out our online form. For existing homes, if satellite imaging is available, we can provide an accurate preliminary estimate of your house and provide a customized report detailing projected cost, utility savings, financial metrics, and panel layout. For new homes where no satellite imagery is available, providing your building drawings and roof plan will allow us to provide this initial estimate.


Site Survey and Sign
Our next step is to visit your home or businesses to confirm any assumptions made in our preliminary estimate. This includes looking at the capacity of your existing electrical panel(s) to accommodate solar and perform an onsite shade analysis to more accurately determine the impact of neighboring buildings, trees, and other objects creating shade on your roof. If electrical consumption data from utility provider was not provided already, getting a copy of your historical electrical consumption at this stage will also provide a more accurate calculation of projected solar energy savings.

Once we provide you a firm quote based on the site assessment, we will take care of all the planning, paperwork, and basically just make your solar project hassle free! We will, also, on your behalf, submit the necessary paperwork for approval to interconnect your system to the BC Hydro, Fortis Electric, or other Utility provider's grid.

All we want you to do is relax and prepare to be powered by the sun.


Many of our installs can be done within a few days that works best for you. Roost Solar ensures to get the job done right and deliver on our promises.



The part you've been waiting for! Once we have approval from the Utility, you get to flip the switch and begin generating your own energy from the sun. Did we mention you'll save tons of money on your Utility bills?

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