There's no better time than now to go solar

It makes more sense now than ever to go solar.

With increasing electricity prices combined with the dramatic drop in the manufacturing costs of solar arrays, the reasons for building your own little solar plant are getting better and better.

Below are some of the benefits of solar electricity that our customers have indicated resonate with them as citizens of the North Okanagan:

  1. It's an investment that aligns with their values
  2. There is just something cool about harvesting the sun - our most abundant energy source of all
  3. It's a way to keep investment dollars local
  4. Solar systems have no moving parts, resulting in exceptionally long warranties
  5. The fuel is totally free! 
  6. It is quiet way of generating electricity, contributing no noise pollution
  7. They want to lock in solar electricity rates and gain some independence from the rising cost of electricity from their central provider (which, for BC Hydro, was approved to rise 28% over 5 years)
  8. Electricity is locally produced, meaning it is more resilient and doesn't need to be transported over long distances with all that power being lost along the way
  9. Solar panels increase their home's value.  In fact, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that homes with an averaged size 3.8 kWp solar system were selling at a $15,000 premium over homes without solar.
  10. Even in BC, with comparably low cost of Utility provided power, solar electricity now offers a safe return on investment over the warrantied life of the system that is already after tax and better than other readily available savings vehicles, as can be seen in the sample graph below.

Solar ROI



Let's Go!

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