Invite a friend to go solar and save!
Share the solar love with your interested friends and earn $250     

You've gone solar with Roost Solar and know how rewarding harvesting the sun's energy for your home can be.

Many people still think that solar is expensive, doesn't work in the Okanagan, or are simply too intimidated to start the process. Sharing your personal experience with friends and family can be an impactful way to showcase the practicality and effectiveness of solar, and increase solar adoption in our community.

We would love for you to tell your interested friends and family about your experience going solar with us. In doing so, from now until August 30th, we'd like to thank you by sending you $250 for every successful referral you send our way. Simply tell your friends and family about solar and encourage them to fill out our free online estimate (and indicate they were referred by you!), or fill out the form below and we can reach out to your contact directly to see if they are interested in assessing solar for their home.


Refer a friend

Fill out this form or tell your friends and family about your solar journey and suggest they reach out to Roost Solar if interested

Earn $$$

As a thank you, you will get $250 when the solar installation is complete


Win Win Win

Your referral will get our friends and family discount on top of the their monthly solar savings.